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About Me

This is the userpage of 56independent, a fat old slob which often does not give back what they've taken from the Minetest (and FOSS) communit/y/ies. They seek to improve though by adding some good stuff to the community. They have big plans but not a big enough effort pool.

They're ok at writing in English, but shoddy at development and Spanish. They want to expand the wiki to such a size that the owners are forced to get a new server or wait 12 minutes 34 seconds for the page to load. 56independent happens to be far too picky in their edits, though, so they often fall short in what they do,

They can be seen on IRC and the Minetest Forums being a parasite and derailing the conversation.

They do have a ContentDB page with the occasional mod of low quality; Britsignals happens to have been so bad a user had to continue their review in several comments to barely grasp just how bad the mod is, and HTTPBlocks has only one node and few downloads because it's so useless for those without a webserver.

They thrive on drama and love the spectacle of watching two groups screaming at each other on the internet over mostly trivial matters turned sour.

Please avoid this person if you wish to have a functioning brain.


I have an idea for the Minetest wiki.

Minetest is not a game. But the minetest game nodes are kept in the wiki as if they're a fundemential part of Minetest.

They're not.

The Minetest wiki must change to be accomodating to the engine, not the game. We need more articles on the engine on how to manipulate it and use it rather then for the game.