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At first I edited some mods. Then I made an own one and called it "mo". I did a lot at this mod and later I pulled other mods out of it and edited them more:

mod extracted stuff
sumpf maybe my first node, at first called "mo:a" and the brown mushroom
superpick a very fast pick I made because the mese pick was too slow
riesenpilz the brown mushroom (sumpf took it before)
trashcan an unused nodebox
rotten_papyrus a .lua file
extrablocks the rest of the nodes

The original texture of the sumpf mod: HybridDog swamp origin.png

Now "mo" is only used for testing.


core changes

Here are some feature requests I do not want to open an issue for (or not again)

  • always full view range without lag
  • load far chunks without near ones
  • generate screenshots of slices of that far rendered map
  • use these pictures as backgrounds
  • when the camera position severely changed, regenerate far rendered pictures
  • enjoy being able to see extremely far without lag because there's no constant mesh calculation

make minetest_game more realistic

I do not only have requests for minetest core.

  • make everything renewable
  • add stones and not only 1m³ nodes
  • stone block and cobblestone drop 9 stones
  • tools are crafted with stones
  • cobblestone can be crafted with 9 stones
  • stones can be thrown and used as weapon
  • stones are stack_max 990
  • disallow digging trunks by hand
  • generate stones on the ground without destroying the landscape
  • add more and bigger shrubs to get sticks and planks etc.
  • add wooden planks and not only 1m³ wood nodes
  • trunks are crafted to 9 items with a saw, most wooden planks but sometimes some are bark
  • wood block is crafted out of 8 wooden planks
  • wood tools are crafted with planks
  • planks are stack_max 990
  • see nether wood
  • avoid these big flowers
  • a new drawtype needs to be added where param2 defines the amount of flowers and the node position the flower positions
  • after digging 1 flower disappears, so param2 is param2-1
  • change farming stuff
  • better bread crafting
  • add something like a mix bowl
  • add salt and more spices
  • change hoes
  • only allow using it after specific delays
  • allow pulling it over fields (except wood and stone hoe)
  • change the way of getting seeds
  • weed and seldom wheat and cotton plants grow on empty fields after some time
  • plants grow next to full grown ones
  • fields need to become hoed again after the plant is dug if it's at least middle grown
  • add threshing flails
  • add straw and (darkage) straw nodes
  • only get the dug plant after digging it
  • use the flail to get straw and 1-6 seeds
  • destroy plants if players walk and/or jump on them


TailsTheFoxDoes MT:
Did you know this thing saved my life? So basically, i spawned a crocodile and flew above it and i tried to spawn a NPC to fight it but then the crocodile started attacking me, then out of nowhere one of those robots came in with that mouth and he killed the crocodile!! It's like a gaurd!!!
Vacuum cleaner robot kills crocodile.

Some mods

My edited version of Ik.'s nether mod adds something like a second world to minetest. Damage and bones should be enabled if you want to play it right. The nether forest has a nether dirt ground, on which nether forest trees and plants grew. The nether vines are growing because the netherrack is kind of rock with microfractures, where nether dirt moves through until it arrives the vines, more or less similar to mykorrhizae in the jungle…

  • At first you need to create a portal like the one of PilzAdam's nether mod. If you use it, you should respawn in the nether with an empty inventory.
  • Then you need to collect the stuff you are able to dig there.
  • After that you craft simple mushroom picks and dig some netherrack bricks of a building.
  • craft a furnace (I used the default one because much code would be needed to make an own one.)
  • cook some blood nodes and craft a blood extractor
  • eat a nether fruit to get a bit blood
  • extract the blood out of the blood stem
  • craft nether sticks
  • make a cooked blood wood pick
  • get stuff and make better picks
  • collect stuff to make following portal

Nether portal.png

to use it, eat a nether fruit while standing on the white node Don't forget to take enough stuff with you to build such a portal on the overworld, too to be able to bring usual nodes into the nether.


It is like the enderpearl in Minecraft, only red and hotter.

Advanced Portal:

With that, you can travel upstairs without losing your stuff.

Warning: Do not travel back without the items to build a second portal or you have to use the old way back.

Here is, how you can build it:


To use it, eat an netherappple (you wont lose hearts)!

Hold shift and place a chest onto another one.
Connected chest.png