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Languages Language: English • Bahasa Melayu
A translator in the Minetest Wiki
Minetest username muhdnurhidayat
Github username MuhdNurHidayat
Given name Nurul Azeera Hidayah @ Muhammad Nur Hidayat
Surname Never shared
Commonly known as MNH, Muhd, MNH48
Nickname Yaya, Hidayat, Yatsuko
Time MST (UTC+8)
Nationality Malaysian
Continent Asia
Gender Feminine-leaning Nonbinary (Demigirl)
Native language Malay
Secondary language Chinese (Mandarin)[1]
Tertiary language English[2]
Quaternary language Japanese[3]
Translate platform Chrome for Android
First translation on Wiki Main Page
First translation off Wiki ?
Forum profile 20190

Muhdnurhidayat or usually written in all small case muhdnurhidayat is a Minetest player since 9 November 2016 and has been organizing a few local Minetest servers over LAN. She also owns one test server hosted on VPS named Jom Main Minetest!! (Malay for Let's Play Minetest!!) on the net. The server is not always available as it is a test server mainly for testing mods translations over multiplayer environment.

She has decided to translate Minetest into Malay after knowing it is still not available in Malay. She is contributing to the Minetest Wiki since April of 2017[4] and contributing to Minetest Game translations since February of 2017.[5]

Muhdnurhidayat is still new to the Minetest community and you could read on how she gets to know Minetest on her blog post.


Just like any other Malays, Muhdnurhidayat's full name is patronymic, consisting of given name followed by surname. The user name Muhdnurhidayat is the combination of the ending part of her given name in real life, Nurul Azeera Hidayah @ Muhammad Nur Hidayat and her surname is personal thus not shared.

It is common that Muhammad being abbreviated to just Muhd in real life in Malaysia and Malaysians will read it properly as /muhammad/ even if it is in abbreviated form. However, she accepts foreigner pronuncing Muhd as one syllable sound /məhʔ/, or two syllable /məhdi/. Muhdnurhidayat is also known as Xi Daya (喜达亚) in Chinese as written in primary school graduation certificate, and Yatsuko Yasuyoshi (安喜弥津子 Yasuyoshi Yatsuko) which is her created name in Japanese. She is usually known as the nickname yaya in real life.

You could contact her on her own talk page, by sending a private message in Minetest forum, comment on her YouTube discussion or tweet on Twitter. Alternatively, she also accepts email through the enquiry email specific for Minetest enquiry, minetest(at)mnh48(dot)moe which would be displayed to public in her The MNH48 Discord server. You can contact her in English, Malay, Chinese or Japanese.

Note that she checks Minetest wiki, forum and GitHub every week. No recent activity doesn't mean she is away from the community, she's just busy with her real life.


Note that the contributions written here are only those related to Minetest. For a list of her contributions unrelated to Minetest then you will need to wait her finish building her translation showcase website first (or alternatively look up her GitHub profile as most contributions were done via GitHub).

Translations on Weblate

  • Malay translations in Minetest.[6]
  • Malay translations in Mod: Game Internationalization.[7]
  • Malay translations in Mod: Android Manager.[8]
  • Malay translations in Mod: Lapis Lazuli.[9]
  • Malay translations in Mod: Storage Drawers.[10]
  • Malay translations in Mod: Jukebox.[11]

Wiki related

There are no results for this report.

Mod related

  • PR merged: Malay translations in Homedecor Modpack.[12][13]
  • PR merged: Changed the way craft recipe is registered in waffles mod.[14]
  • PR merged: Malay translations in Display Modpack.[15]
  • Commit: Malay translations in intllib document. [16]
  • PR merged: Malay translations in Currency.[17]
  • PR merged: Malay translations in Unified Dyes.[18]

Translation style

Muhdnurhidayat is translating from outside in, this means she translates front pages before translating articles linked from the front pages, and repeat the steps with the linked articles as new front pages.

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Notes and references