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It’s me, Wuzzy!

I speak German and English.

I am active in this Wiki and in the Minetest forums (same user name). I'm the author of countless mods and even a few games. I make sure the German translation of Minetest stays up-to-date. I sometimes did a few small contributions to Minetest itself, enough to appear as “active contributor” in the Minetest credits in version 0.4.16. :-)

In Minetest, I usually only play in Minetest, but I sometimes appear in a few servers as well.

You can contact me via XMPP:


My creations

Minetest Mods and Games by Wuzzy 2012 2019.png

Games I work or worked on




  • MineClone 2 (development taken over by other people. This was my largest game project so far)
  • Weird (too ambitious, never really took off, mainly because of lack of inspiration, good ideas and motivation to work out a good and detailed game design [it's harder than you think!])
  • Lazarr!: Be a pirate, solve laser puzzles to unlock treasure! My (failed) entry for the 2021 Minetest Game Jam. Doesn't have a lot of levels.


I also have collaborated quite a while with GunshipPenguin on Hungry Games Plus. And there's a couple of projects which never really took off so far.

Mods I have created

I have made a large number of mods. Mods on which I'm most proud of are in bold.

Gameplay mods

Map generation

Blocks / decorative items

GUI mods

  • Help modpack [doc]: Learn everything what you always wanted to know about the game, blocks, items and more
  • HUD bars [hudbars]: Replace the statbars with progress bar-like bars
  • Inventory Icon [inventory_icon]: See your inventory fullness
  • Show Wielded Item [show_wielded_item]: Show the name of the wielded item above hotbar
  • Simple Fast Inventory Buttons [sfinv_buttons]: Buttons for Minetest Game's inventory screen

Mod development tools

These mods are for mod developers:

Architecture mods

These mods are not really useful in their own, but they can be depended on by modders to get a framework for interesting features.

  • Mana [mana]: Players get a new mana attribute which can be used for magical spells, items, etc.
  • Player Effects [playereffects]: Status effects for players
  • Central Message [central_message]: Write a message in the center of the screen
  • Galaxy Skybox [galaxybox]: Turn the sky into deep space
  • Select Item [select_item]: Item selection dialog
  • Player Physics API [playerphysics]: Makes it possible for multiple mods to modify player physics without conflict

Abandoned mods

These are mods which either never got completed, I no langer care much about about finishing them or they simply have become obsolete:

  • Basic HUD [basic_hud]: (no usage/demand seen since years)
  • Player Model [playermodel]: Player model as a standalone mod (obsolete since 5.0.0; MTG comes with player_api mod)
  • Shifted Blocks [shifted_blocks] (lost interest after 1st release)
  • Pseudo-Nodes [pseudonodes] (lost interest)
  • Surprise Blocks [tsm_surprise] (lost interest)
  • The Origin [origin] (somewhat deprecated by Spawn Builder)
  • Disable sneak glitch [no_sneak_glitch] (obsolete)
  • Allow zooming [allow_zoom] (obsoleted in 5.0.0)
  • Player Tools [playertools] (I believe this is my very first mod. Now outdated, clashes with core commands, I am no longer happy with the command structure and there are tons of better command mods out there)
  • Treasurer [treasurer]: Random treasure/loot selection framework

Work on Minetest

I have contributed various smaller and larger features and bugfixes to Minetest (the engine) over the years, although I am not a core developer. Some of the more notable changes include:

  • Various improvements to the Lua API documentation
  • Made builtin translatable
  • Complete rework of Minimal development test to include many more useful and structured things to test, including example nodes, tools, items, commands etc. Renamed it to Development Test
  • German translation
  • Lua API improvements:
    • Fix broken pathfinder (minetest.find_path)
    • Fix incorrect rotation of falling nodes
    • Decoupled liquid/flowingliquid drawtypes from liquidtype
    • Allow to modify and disable fall damage per-player with armor group
    • Item group disable_repair
    • Added disable_settings to game.conf
    • wallmounted support for plantlike and plantlike_rooted nodes
    • minetest.is_creative_enabled
    • Item eating sound
    • New paramtype2: 4dir and color4dir

See my list of closed PRs for a complete list (note: not all of these were actually accepted).

What I play

Games I like

… and others.

Servers I like

  • JT2
  • Catlandia
  • Inside the Box