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Brick Slab.png
Stone Slab.png
Stone Block Slab.png
Cobblestone Slab.png
Mossy Cobblestone Slab.png
Stone Brick Slab.png
Desert Stone Slab.png
Desert Stone Block Slab.png
Desert Cobblestone Slab.png
Desert Stone Brick Slab.png
Sandstone Slab.png
Sandstone Block Slab.png
Sandstone Brick Slab.png
Straw Slab.png
Wooden Slab.png
Jungle Wood Slab.png
Pine Wood Slab.png
Acacia Wood Slab.png
Aspen Wood Slab.png
Obsidian Slab.png
Obsidian Block Slab.png
Obsidian Brick Slab.png
Steel Block Slab.png
Copper Block Slab.png
Tin Block Slab.png
Bronze Block Slab.png
Gold Block Slab.png
Glass Slab.png
Obsidian Glass Slab.png
A node in Minetest Game
Node Type Full node
Drops Itself
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable depends
Generated No
Renewable depends
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring stairs:slab_<subname>

Slabs are crafted by the player. They are as half high as their full block counterparts. Players can walk on a slab without needing to jump. Slabs can be used to create long staircases. Can also be used as thin wall/fence when rotated using screwdriver.

List of slabs

Name Source Renewable? Flammable?
Brick Slab.png Brick Slab Brick.png Brick Block No No
Stone Slab.png Stone Slab Stone.png Stone Yes No
Stone Block Slab.png Stone Block Slab Stone Block.png Stone Block Yes No
Cobblestone Slab.png Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Yes No
Mossy Cobblestone Slab.png Mossy Cobblestone Slab Mossy Cobblestone.png Mossy Cobblestone Yes No
Stone Brick Slab.png Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Yes No
Desert Stone Slab.png Desert Stone Slab Desert Stone.png Desert Stone No No
Desert Stone Block Slab.png Desert Stone Block Slab Desert Stone Block.png Desert Stone Block No No
Desert Cobblestone Slab.png Desert Cobblestone Slab Desert Cobblestone.png Desert Cobblestone No No
Desert Stone Brick Slab.png Desert Stone Brick Slab Desert Stone Brick.png Desert Stone Brick No No
Sandstone Slab.png Sandstone Slab Sandstone.png Sandstone No No
Sandstone Block Slab.png Sandstone Block Slab Sandstone Block.png Sandstone Block No No
Sandstone Brick Slab.png Sandstone Brick Slab Sandstone Brick.png Sandstone Brick No No
Desert Sandstone Slab.png Desert Sandstone Slab Desert Sandstone.png Desert Sandstone No No
Desert Sandstone Block Slab.png Desert Sandstone Block Slab Desert Sandstone Block.png Desert Sandstone Block No No
Desert Sandstone Brick Slab.png Desert Sandstone Brick Slab Desert Sandstone Brick.png Desert Sandstone Brick No No
Silver Sandstone Slab.png Silver Sandstone Slab Silver Sandstone.png Silver Sandstone No No
Silver Sandstone Block Slab.png Silver Sandstone Block Slab Silver Sandstone Block.png Silver Sandstone Block No No
Silver Sandstone Brick Slab.png Silver Sandstone Brick Slab Silver Sandstone Brick.png Silver Sandstone Brick No No
Ice Slab.png Ice Slab Ice.png Ice No No
Snow Block Slab.png Snow Block Slab Snow Block.png Snow Block Yes No
Straw Slab.png Straw Slab Straw.png Straw Yes Yes
Wooden Slab.png Wooden Slab Wooden Planks.png Wooden Planks Yes Yes
Jungle Wood Slab.png Jungle Wood Slab Junglewood Planks.png Junglewood Planks Yes Yes
Pine Wood Slab.png Pine Wood Slab Pine Wood Planks.png Pine Wood Planks Yes Yes
Acacia Wood Slab.png Acacia Wood Slab Acacia Wood Planks.png Acacia Wood Planks Yes Yes
Aspen Wood Slab.png Aspen Wood Slab Aspen Wood Planks.png Aspen Wood Planks Yes Yes
Obsidian Slab.png Obsidian Slab Obsidian.png Obsidian No No
Obsidian Block Slab.png Obsidian Block Slab Obsidian Block.png Obsidian Block No No
Obsidian Brick Slab.png Obsidian Brick Slab Obsidian Brick.png Obsidian Brick No No
Steel Block Slab.png Steel Block Slab Steel Block.png Steel Block No No
Copper Block Slab.png Copper Block Slab Copper Block.png Copper Block No No
Tin Block Slab.png Tin Block Slab Tin Block.png Tin Block No No
Bronze Block Slab.png Bronze Block Slab Bronze Block.png Bronze Block No No
Gold Block Slab.png Gold Block Slab Gold Block.png Gold Block No No
Glass Slab.png Glass Slab Glass.png Glass No No
Obsidian Glass Slab.png Obsidian Glass Slab Obsidian Glass.png Obsidian Glass No No

Special slabs

  • Cobblestone slabs next to water (or any water-like block) will turn to mossy cobblestone slabs eventually
  • Ice slabs and snow block slabs cool down lava


All slabs (except mossy cobblestone slabs) are crafted using the same basic pattern, they only differ in the input material. In the following table, replace all “A”s with one of the source materials listed above (i.e. wooden planks) and replace “B” with the corresponding slab type (i.e. wooden slab) from above table.

Name Ingredients Input → Output
Slab One of the slab materials (see above)
Any Item A.png
Any Item A.png
Any Item A.png
Any Item B.png

As a crafting ingredient

You can also turn slabs back into their source material.

Name Ingredients Input → Output
One of the slab materials (see above) Slab
Any Item B.png
Any Item B.png
Any Item A.png

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