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White Wool.png
A node in Minetest Game
Node Type Full node
Drops Itself
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable Yes
Generated No
Renewable Yes (except for dark green and black wool)
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring see table

Wool is a decorative block. It can be colored using dyes; 15 colors are available. Wool blocks can be mined by hand. Your footsteps are completely silent on wool.


Symbol Name Itemstring Renewable?
White Wool.png White Wool wool:white Yes
Grey Wool.png Grey Wool wool:grey Yes
Dark Grey Wool.png Dark Grey Wool wool:dark_grey Yes
Black Wool.png Black Wool wool:black No
Blue Wool.png Blue Wool wool:blue Yes
Cyan Wool.png Cyan Wool wool:cyan Yes
Green Wool.png Green Wool wool:green Yes
Dark Green Wool.png Dark Green Wool wool:dark_green No
Yellow Wool.png Yellow Wool wool:yellow Yes
Orange Wool.png Orange Wool wool:orange Yes
Brown Wool.png Brown Wool wool:brown Yes
Red Wool.png Red Wool wool:red Yes
Pink Wool.png Pink Wool wool:pink Yes
Magenta Wool.png Magenta Wool wool:magenta Yes
Violet Wool.png Violet Wool wool:violet Yes


White wool is renewable since it is crafted from cotton, a renewable resource. Wool of most other colors are renewable, too, because the required dye is renewable. Dark green wool and black wool are not renewable, since the dark green and black dyes are not renewable.


Name Ingredients Input → Output Notes
White Wool Cotton
White Wool.png
Any wool Dye + Any wool
Black dye.png
Blue dye.png
Brown dye.png
Cyan dye.png
Dark green dye.png
Dark grey dye.png
Green dye.png
Grey dye.png
Magenta dye.png
Orange dye.png
Pink dye.png
Red dye.png
Violet dye.png
White dye.png
Yellow dye.png
Group wool.png
Black Wool.png
Blue Wool.png
Brown Wool.png
Cyan Wool.png
Dark Green Wool.png
Dark Grey Wool.png
Green Wool.png
Grey Wool.png
Magenta Wool.png
Orange Wool.png
Pink Wool.png
Red Wool.png
Violet Wool.png
White Wool.png
Yellow Wool.png
Shapeless recipe.

As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Input → Output
Simple Bed Wood, White Wool
White Wool.png
White Wool.png
White Wool.png
Group wood.png
Group wood.png
Group wood.png
Simple Bed.png
Fancy Bed Wood, White Wool, Stick
White Wool.png
White Wool.png
White Wool.png
Group wood.png
Group wood.png
Group wood.png
Fancy Bed.png