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New to Minetest? Need help setting up a server or making a texture pack? Then you've come to the right place. On this page is a comprehensive list of all the tutorials/guides on the Minetest Wiki.

Beginner tutorials for Players

If you're new and do not know what to do, see below.

General information


Minetest offers a fun online multiplayer mode. With this guide you can set up your server and host it on the web.


Mods are packages that may add or change something in a game. Each game for Minetest has its own ecosystem of mods that extend that particular game, or there are game-agnostic mods that support all games.

Texture Packs

Texture packs change the look of Minetest. Tired of looking at the same old textures? ContentDB offers many texture packs for you to pick between.


You can play different games on Minetest, each with unique gameplay aspects.


Maps are the creations of the Minetest community. Not only you create your own maps, you can also install other people's maps.

3D Meshes