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Note: Since version 0.4.14, Minetest has an “advanced settings” feature to change virtually all settings in Minetest, including a brief description of what each setting does. You will now rarely need to edit minetest.conf manually.

minetest.conf is the configuration file used for numerous purposes. This file is read every time the game starts and is always created/modified when the menu quits.

A file called minetest.conf.example is provided as an example. See that file for a more complete list of options.


If you are running a portable build of Minetest (aka RUN_IN_PLACE=1, user data is stored alongside the executable), it loads from:

  • ../minetest.conf
  • ../../minetest.conf (it can load settings from this location too, but will not write to it)

If you are running a system-wide build of Minetest (user data is stored separate from the executable), it loads from:

  • ~/.minetest/minetest.conf

A custom path to a configuration file can be specified in command line using the option --config /path/to/minetest.conf.


In minetest.conf, you can configure most (but not all) keys, but a few more keys can be configured which are not configurable in the in-game settings menu; most notably, camera mode and minimap.

A few things to note:

  • Controls are written in the format keymap_<action name> = <key name>, e.g. keymap_forward = KEY_KEY_W
  • The list of possible controls (value right of the equals sign) can be seen in [1]. If your key isn't listed there, try writing the literal character
  • To disable a control completely, leave the part right of the equals sign empty, e.g. keymap_toggle_debug =

See Controls for a list of controls and their setting name (if available).