Bush Leaves

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Bush Leaves, Acacia Bush Leaves
Bush Leaves.png
Acacia Bush Leaves.png
A node in Minetest Game
Node Type Full node
Drops see table
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable Yes
Generated Yes (except in v6)
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring see table

Various species of bush leaves are found as part of bushes.

Like Leaves (from trees), bush leaves decay if no stem of the matching species is nearby (except the blueberry bush leaves). Like leaves, all kinds of bush leaves are transparent if the “Fancy trees” option is enabled, else they are opaque.


Bush leaves are grown from bush saplings.


Bush leaves type Drops Decays? Itemstring
Bush Leaves.png Bush Leaves Bush Leaves (80%)
Bush Sapling (20%)
Yes default:bush_leaves
Acacia Bush Leaves.png Acacia Bush Leaves Acacia Bush Leaves (80%)
Acacia Bush Sapling (20%)
Yes default:acacia_bush_leaves
Pine Bush Needles.png Pine Bush Needles Pine Bush Needles (80%)
Pine Bush Sapling (20%)
Yes default:pine_bush_needles
Blueberry Bush Leaves.png Blueberry Bush Leaves Blueberry Bush Leaves (80%)
Blueberry Bush Sapling (20%)
No default:blueberry_bush_leaves
Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries.png Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries Blueberries (100%) No default:blueberry_bush_leaves_with_berries

Bush leaves that can decay need a corresponding bush stem nearby to survive. Bush leaves that don't decay don't need a bush stem for survival.

Blueberry Bush Leaves

Those are special in that they are the only bush leaves that can carry berries. If you punch Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries, you get Blueberries and the block turns to Blueberry Bush Leaves. This block is capable of regrowing the blueberries, but this only works if the block was not placed by hand (e.g. it was grown from a blueberry bush sapling or appeared in the world naturally).

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