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Leaves, Jungle Leaves, Pine Needles, Acacia Leaves, Aspen Leaves
Jungle Leaves.png
Pine Needles.png
Acacia Leaves.png
Aspen Leaves.png
A block in Minetest Game
Type Solid block
Drops see table
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable Yes
Generated see table
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring see table

Several different kinds of leaves are found on trees. There are five kinds of leaves: Leaves, Jungle Leaves, Pine Needles, Acacia Leaves and Aspen Leaves.

When mined, they have a 5% chance to drop a certain type of sapling. They can be mined by a sword or with the hand.

They also decay (with the same chance to drop a sapling) if no tree, jungle tree, pine tree, acacia tree or aspen tree block is less than 4 blocks away. It does not matter which kind of tree block, however. Leaf blocks which have been placed by a player will not decay.

All kinds of leaves are transparent if the “Fancy trees” option is enabled, else they are opaque.


Leaves type Drops Generated? Itemstring
Leaves.png Leaves

Leaves (95%) Sapling (5%)

Yes default:leaves
Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Leaves

Jungle Leaves (95%) Jungle Sapling (5%)

Yes default:jungleleaves
Pine Needles.png Pine Needles

Pine Needles (95%) Pine Sapling (5%)

Yes default:pine_needles
Acacia Leaves.png Acacia Leaves

Acacia Leaves (95%) Acacia Sapling (5%)

Yes, except in v6 default:acacia_leaves
Aspen Leaves.png Aspen Leaves

Aspen Leaves (95%) Aspen Sapling (5%)

Yes, except in v6 default:aspen_leaves


All leaves are grown from saplings of the matching species.

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