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  • Can the player database backend be any of the backends used for the map?
  • Can the player database backend be different from the one selected for the map?
  • How to use redis_hash?
  • Can multiple maps/playerdb be in the same .rdb file?
  • Looking at /src/database-redis.cpp, the use of redis_password is not documented here.
  •, under section Linux Abstract Socket Namespace: Is this true? If so, src/database-redis.cpp does not allow for it.


I use Redis for Cash's World. I have compiled a new 0.4.15-dev client/server and am currently working on setting it up to take over the old 0.4.14 server. My not knowing Redis well is causing me to do this very slowly. I will soon find out if I can use Redis for the player data. Hmmm. I will need a method to remove junk player files from the database. It will not as easy as it used to be. I think I will continue using files for now until that is solved. I am trying to find out how I can have multiple maps and/or multiple player databases using the same Redis instance if possible. I assume redis_hash has something to do with that. But idk what to set redis_hash to. Looks like the Redis server can be on a different machine than the MT server and use encryption. Awesome xD

[DONE] New databases

From the Wiki Complaint Department:

The database backend comparison table ( should be updated, LevelDB authentication and player databases were added in and respectively.
Done. --Wuzzy (talk) 11:50, 27 June 2020 (UTC)