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A crafting guide is a GUI element which the player can use to look up which items are neccessary to craft a certain item by providing crafting recipes. A crafting guide may also include smelting recipes, but not neccessarily so. Many games already bring their own crafting guide.

For games without a crafting guide, you can add one by installing and using a crafting guide mod (see below).

List of crafting guide mods

Name Shortname Access Maximum recipe size Shaped Shapeless Output count Groups Cooking Fuels Replacements Repairing Extras
Crafting Guide craftguide Book item, craft sign 10×10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Reverse crafting guide, search, bookmarks, shows itemstring, block drops, optional “Progressive Mode” (only shows recipes from items ever had in inventory), command to show recipes for pointed node, API to register non-standard recipes, API to register recipe filters, API to register search filters, etc.
Unified Inventory unified_inventory Inventory menu 16×16 Yes Yes Yes Yes Basic No No No Reverse crafting guide, block drops, search, move items into crafting grid, shows itemstring
Smart Inventory smart_inventory Inventory menu 3×3 Yes l.s. Yes Yes Basic Yes Broken No Search, filter, move items into craft grid, shows itemstring
Zeg9's craft guide zcg Inventory menu 3×3 Yes l.s. No Poor Basic No No No History
Craft Guide Mod Renewed cgmr Craft sign, craft PC 5×5 Yes l.s. No Poor Basic No No No Bookmarks, search, shows itemstring
Craft Guide craft_guide Craft sign, craft PC 3×3 Yes l.s. Yes Poor Basic No No No Bookmarks, search

Meaning of the columns

  • Access: How the crafting guide is accessed
  • Maximum recipe size: The maximum supported size of shaped crafting recipes before this mod fails. It is probably safe to say that supporting recipes of a size of up to 5×5 is more than enough, as larger recipes would become too unwieldy
  • Shaped: Supports shaped recipes
  • Shapeless:
    • Yes: Supports shapeless recipes and clearly distinguishes them from shaped recipes
    • l.s.: “like shaped”. Shapeless is supported, but there is no indication that these recipes are shapeless
  • Output count: Whether the output count of all recipes is displayed correctly
  • Cooking:
    • Yes: Supports cooking recipes and shows cooking times for cooked items
    • Basic: Supports cooking recipes
  • Groups
    • Yes: Group slots are clearly distinguished and the required group (or groups) are mentioned correctly
    • Partial: Group slots are correctly distinguished, but it is not directly clear to the user or the group names are not correctly accessible
    • Poor: Only concrete (but correct) recipes are given for group-based recipes
    • No: Group-based recipes are broken
  • Fuels: Lists available fuels
    • Yes: Shows available fuels with burning time
    • Basic: Shows available fuels
  • Replacements: Support for recipes in which one item is replaced with another after crafting
  • Repairing: Display tool repairing recipes (and repair bonus)

List of games with crafting guide

The following games have a built-in crafting guide:

  • Aftermath
  • Big Freaking Dig
  • Carbone NG
  • Cobalt
  • Eden2
  • Extreme Survival
  • Dwarves
  • Farlands
  • Legend of Minetest
  • Lord of the Test
  • LOTH
  • MineClone 2
  • Minetest Game
  • Minetest Hades
  • Minetest Preindustrial
  • Minetest TNG
  • Pixture
  • Regnum
  • Repixrue
  • rpgtest
  • Spiffy
  • Spacetest
  • Technic
  • Test the beast
  • VoxBox
  • Voxelgarden
  • Voxiworld
  • Wasteland TNG