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Smelting—also called Cooking—is the act of producing refined goods in Minetest with a specal block (like a furnace or similar).


Smelting basics

In Minetest, smelting is considered to be a form of crafting.

For smelting or cooking, you need:

  • Any fuel item
  • An item which can be smelted/cooked
  • Some mechanism to start smelting (like a furnace)

Fuels are always required in order to produce a flame. Coal and wooden items are commonly used as fuels. Any fuel can be used to smelt anything as long it is burning long enough. Each fuel has its own duration. Fuels are usually used up when the smelting process starts, but for some special items they might be replaced with different item.

Smeltable items are determined by smelting recipes. A smeltable item needs to be provided with the fuel's flame for a certain amount of time (the exact time depends on the item) to be smelted into a different item.


Iron lumps in Minetest Game can be smelted in 3 seconds. This means, to smelt an iron lump, you need a total amount of fuel lasting for 3 seconds or more. Many items burn long enough. You could use a coal lump (which would be wasteful) or wooden planks (which is less wasteful) or pretty much any other fuel item. If a single fuel item does not burn enough, you have to stack it (but there's a short delay before the next fuel is used). Thus, you can even use 3 leaves.

Minetest Game

In Minetest Game, the furnace is used for all smelting operations. Refer to the Furnace page to learn how it works. This section contains the available smelting recipes and fuels in Minetest Game.

Smelting recipes

The following items can be smelted/cooked:

Input Furnace Output Smelting time
Flour.png Flour Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Bread.png Bread 15s
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Stone.png Stone 3s
Mossy Cobblestone.png Mossy Cobblestone Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Stone.png Stone 3s
Desert Cobblestone.png Desert Cobblestone Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Desert Stone.png Desert Stone 3s
Clay Lump.png Clay Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Clay Brick.png Clay Brick 3s
Iron Lump.png Iron Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot 3s
Heavy Steel Bottle.png Heavy Steel Bottle Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot 3s
Copper Lump.png Copper Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot 3s
Tin Lump.png Tin Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Tin Ingot.png Tin Ingot 3s
Gold Lump.png Gold Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Gold ingot.png Gold Ingot 3s
Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Gold ingot.png Gold Ingot 5s
Key.png Key Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Gold ingot.png Gold Ingot 5s
Group sand.png group “sand Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Glass.png Glass 3s
Pile of Glass Fragments.png Pile of Glass Fragments Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Glass.png Glass 3s
Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shard Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Obsidian Glass.png Obsidian Glass 3s


The following items can be used as fuel:

Block Burning time in seconds Items smelted per fuel[1] Remainder
Coal Block.png Coal Block 370 123​⅓ Nothing
Lava Bucket.png Lava Bucket 60 20 Bucket.png Empty Bucket
Lava.png Lava Source 60 20 Nothing
Coal.png Coal Lump 40 13​⅓ Nothing
Jungle Tree.png Jungle Tree 38 12​⅔ Nothing
Acacia Tree.png Acacia Tree 34 11​⅓ Nothing
Locked Chest.png Locked Chest 30 10 Nothing
Vessels Shelf.png Vessels Shelf 30 10 Nothing
Chest.png Chest 30 10 Nothing
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf 30 10 Nothing
Tree.png Tree 30 10 Nothing
Group tree.png Group: tree 30 10 Nothing
Pine Tree.png Pine Tree 26 8​⅔ Nothing
Aspen Tree.png Aspen Tree 22 7​⅓ Nothing
Boat.png Boat 20 6​⅔ Nothing
Cactus.png Cactus 15 5 Nothing
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door 14 4​⅔ Nothing
Fancy Bed.png Fancy Bed 13 4​⅓ Nothing
Simple Bed.png Simple Bed 12 4 Nothing
Jungle Sapling.png Jungle Sapling 12 4 Nothing
Acacia Tree Sapling.png Acacia Tree Sapling 11 3​⅔ Nothing
Sapling.png Sapling 10 3​⅓ Nothing
Group sapling.png Group: sapling 10 3​⅓ Nothing
Sign.png Wooden Sign 10 3​⅓ Nothing
Junglewood Planks.png Junglewood Planks 9 3 Nothing
Pine Sapling Pine Sapling 9 3 Nothing
Junglewood Fence Gate Junglewood Fence Gate 9 3 Nothing
Junglewood Fence Junglewood Fence 9 3 Nothing
Acacia Fence.png Acacia Fence 8 2​⅔ Nothing
Aspen Tree Sapling.png Aspen Tree Sapling 8 2​⅔ Nothing
Acacia Wood Planks.png Acacia Wood Planks 8 2​⅔ Nothing
Acacia Bush Stem.png Acacia Bush Stem 8 2​⅔ Nothing
Acacia Fence Gate.png Acacia Fence Gate 8 2​⅔ Nothing
Wooden Fence Gate.png Wooden Fence Gate 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Trapdoor.png Trapdoor 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Bush Stem.png Bush Stem 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Wooden Fence.png Wooden Fence 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Wooden Planks.png Wooden Planks 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Group wood.png Group: wood 7 2​⅓ Nothing
Pine Fence Gate.png Pine Fence Gate 6 2 Nothing
Wooden Pickaxe.png Wooden Pickaxe 6 2 Nothing
Jungle Wood Stair.png Jungle Wood Stair 6 2 Nothing
Pine Fence.png Pine Fence 6 2 Nothing
Pine Wood Planks.png Pine Wood Planks 6 2 Nothing
Acacia Wood Stair.png Acacia Wood Stair 6 2 Nothing
Wooden Axe.png Wooden Axe 6 2 Nothing
Wooden Hoe.png Wooden Hoe 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Aspen Wood Planks.png Aspen Wood Planks 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Wooden Sword.png Wooden Sword 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Aspen Fence Gate.png Aspen Fence Gate 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Aspen Fence.png Aspen Fence 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Wooden Stair.png Wooden Stair 5 1​⅔ Nothing
Torch.png Torch 4 1​⅓ Nothing
Pine Wood Stair.png Pine Wood Stair 4 1​⅓ Nothing
Acacia Wood Slab.png Acacia Wood Slab 4 1​⅓ Nothing
Jungle Wood Slab.png Jungle Wood Slab 4 1​⅓ Nothing
Wooden Shovel.png Wooden Shovel 4 1​⅓ Nothing
Apple.png Apple 3 1 Nothing
Straw.png Straw 3 1 Nothing
Wooden Slab.png Wooden Slab 3 1 Nothing
Pine Wood Slab.png Pine Wood Slab 3 1 Nothing
Book.png Book 3 1 Nothing
Book with Text.png Book With Text 3 1 Nothing
Aspen Wood Stair Aspen Wood Stair 3 1 Nothing
Dry Grass 3.png Dry Grass 2 Nothing
Grass 5.png Grass 2 Nothing
Straw Stair.png Straw Stair 2 Nothing
Jungle Grass.png Jungle Grass 2 Nothing
Dry Shrub.png Dry Shrub 2 Nothing
Ladder.png Wooden Ladder 2 Nothing
Aspen Wood Slab.png Aspen Wood Slab 2 Nothing
Group leaves.png Group: leaves 1 Nothing
Paper.png Paper 1 Nothing
Cotton.png Cotton 1 Nothing
Stick.png Stick 1 Nothing
Straw Slab.png Straw Slab 1 Nothing
Papyrus.png Papyrus 1 Nothing
Wheat.png Wheat 1 Nothing
  1. Assuming a smelting time of 3 seconds