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An item in Minetest Game
Type Vehicle
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring carts:cart
Cart entity.png
An object in Minetest Game
Object collision No
Block collision No
Entitystring carts:cart
A cart on a rail

Carts can be used for quick transport of yourself and items on rails. Carts only ride on rails and always follow the tracks. At a T-junction with no straight way ahead, the cart normally turns left. There are multiple rail types which affect the cart speed.


You can only place the cart on rails. Right-click it to enter it. Punch the cart to get it moving. When you sit inside, you can control the cart:

  • Hold Down to slow down
  • Hold down Left or Right to turn the cart at crossings and T-junctions.

To transport item stacks, just drop them inside and punch the cart. To obtain the cart and the items, punch it while holding down the sneak key.


Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Cart Steel Ingots
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Used to travel and transport items on rails