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Lava Bucket.png
Water Bucket.png
River Water Bucket.png
An item in Minetest Game
Type Tool
Renewable No
Stackable See table
Itemstring See table

Buckets are tools which are used to carry liquids like water or lava and are crafted from Steel Ingots. They never wear off.

By default, these are the available buckets (mods may introduce other liquids which can be collected by the bucket):

Name Contains Stackable Itemstring
Bucket.png Empty Bucket Nothing Yes (99) bucket:bucket_empty
Water Bucket.png Water Bucket Water.png Water No bucket:bucket_water
River Water Bucket.png River Water Bucket River Water.png River Water No bucket:bucket_river_water
Lava Bucket.png Lava Bucket Lava.png Lava No bucket:bucket_lava

To collect a liquid, wield an empty bucket, point to the liquid and punch. Only liquid sources can be collected. Flowing liquids can not be collected. To release a liquid, wield the filled bucket, point to the desired location and click with the right mouse button.

Collecting a liquid usually removes the liquid source block (i.e. it turns into air). The exception is river water: If you collect river water from a river water source which has at least one other river water source next to it (horizontally), the river water source is not removed. Only if the river water source is “lonely”, it will be removed.

Lava buckets can be used as a very efficient fuel. Don’t worry, you’ll keep the bucket.


Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Empty Bucket Steel Ingots
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Used to hold and transport liquids.