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Mbox important.png Only available in development version!
This article describes a feature in an upcoming release of Minetest. It has become a part of the development version of Minetest and will likely become a part of the following stable release. However, things may be subject to change before release.
Mapping Kit
Mapping Kit.png
An item in Minetest Game
Type Tool
Renewable No
Stackable No
Itemstring map:mapping_kit

A mapping kit allows you to use the minimap (surface mode only, but not the radar mode).


First, you have to activate the mapping kit. To activate the mapping kit, hold it your hand and press the punch key. After that, you just have to keep it anywhere in your inventory. If you don't press the punch key, it gets activated after a few seconds after putting a mapper kit anywhere in your inventory.

After it has has been activated, press the minimap key to display the minimap and toggle between various modes.

In Creative Mode or with the creative privilege, you don't need a mapping kit, you can access the minimap “for free”.


Name Ingredients Input → Output
Mapping Kit Glass, Steel Ingot, Wooden Planks, Paper, Stick Black Dye
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Wooden Planks.png
Black dye.png
Mapping Kit.png