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This is a collection of seed-value, descriptions and notable places

eg. flat areas suitable for villages/towns,
small mountains for building castles,
hills, rivers, oceans, wood/jungle, mountains, scenic landscapes ...

for the different map-generators:

needs an explanation how to get the different types of fractals

Currently, the main focus is on the default spawn-area of a map,
and a nearby location suitable for starting a game.

Scenic views, nice caves, and spots for climbing mountains would also qualify.


  • In singleplayer:
  • Create a new game: select mapgen and seed-value, using the minetest-game
  • Start the game (don't select any mods that influence the generation of the map)
also, keep the standard values for biomes (as found in the regular download of minetest 0.4.16)
  • Note the position where the player spawns, and features of landscape
  • Commands:
    • /grantme all
    • /sethome
    • /time 5:0
    • R - set maximum viewing range
    • F9 - set minimap
  • Fly around to find some interesting, different spots, note position&features as before.
look for stuff a starting player would need, eg. wood, stone, coal, etc.