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An item in Minetest Game
Item Type Vehicle
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring carts:cart
Cart entity.png
An object in Minetest Game
Object collision No
Block collision No
Entitystring carts:cart
A cart on a rail

Carts can be used for quick transport of yourself and items on rails. Carts only ride on rails and always follow the tracks. At a T-junction with no straight way ahead, the cart normally turns left. There are multiple rail types which affect the cart speed.


You can only place the cart on rails. Right-click it to enter it. Punch the cart to get it moving. When you sit inside, you can control the cart:

  • Hold Down to slow down
  • Hold down Left or Right to turn the cart at crossings and T-junctions.

To transport item stacks, just drop them inside and punch the cart. To obtain the cart and the items, punch it while holding down the sneak key. Note that item stacks in carts can still despawn like normal dropped items.


Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Cart Steel Ingots
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Used to travel and transport items on rails
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